Regulation of xylanolytic enzymes in Bacillus subtilis.

  title={Regulation of xylanolytic enzymes in Bacillus subtilis.},
  author={Cordula Lindner and J{\"o}rg St{\"u}lke and Michael Hecker},
  volume={140 ( Pt 4)},
The synthesis of the xylanolytic enzymes beta-xylanase and beta-xylosidase of Bacillus subtilis was studied. In contrast to many catabolic extracellular enzymes, beta-xylanase was synthesized constitutively during exponential growth and was not repressed by glucose. beta-Xylosidase synthesis was induced 100-fold by xylose and repressed 100-fold by glucose. Carbon catabolite repression was abolished in a ccpA mutant. Titration experiments using a multicopy operator sequence responsible for… CONTINUE READING


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