Regulation of vascular smooth muscle cells by micropatterning.

  title={Regulation of vascular smooth muscle cells by micropatterning.},
  author={Rahul G Thakar and Friedrich Ho and Ngan F Huang and Dorian Liepmann and Song Li},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={307 4},
Vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs) undergo morphological and phenotypic changes when cultured in vitro. To investigate whether SMC morphology regulates SMC functions, bovine aortic SMCs were grown on micropatterned collagen strips (50-, 30-, and 20-microm wide). The cell shape index and proliferation rate of SMCs on 30- and 20-microm strips were significantly lower than those on non-patterned collagen (control), and the spreading area was decreased only for cells patterned on the 20-microm… CONTINUE READING