Regulation of urease production in soil by microbial assimilation of nitrogen

  title={Regulation of urease production in soil by microbial assimilation of nitrogen},
  author={Gregory W. McCarty and Diane R. Shogren and John Bremner},
  journal={Biology and Fertility of Soils},
Studies of the effects of different forms of N on urease production in soils amended with organic C showed that although microbial activity, as measured by CO2 production, was stimulated by the addition of NH4 + or NO3 - to C-amended soils (200 μmol glucose-C g−1 soil), urease production was repressed by these forms of N. The addition of L-methionine sulfoximine, an inhibitor of inorganic N assimilation by microorganisms, relieved the NH4 + and NO3 - repression of urease production in C-amended… CONTINUE READING
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