Regulation of the cyclin D3 promoter by E2F1.

  title={Regulation of the cyclin D3 promoter by E2F1.},
  author={Yihong Ma and Jing Yun Yuan and Mei Huang and Richard Jove and W. Douglas Cress},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={278 19},
We have previously demonstrated that ectopic expression of E2F1 is sufficient to drive quiescent cells into S phase and that E2F1 expression can contribute to oncogenic transformation. Key target genes in this process include master regulators of the cell cycle, such as cyclin E, which regulates G(1) progression, and cyclin A, which is required for the initiation of DNA synthesis. In the present work, we present novel evidence that a second G(1) cyclin, cyclin D3, is also potently activated by… CONTINUE READING
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