Regulation of the brown and white fat gene programs through a PRDM16/CtBP transcriptional complex.

  title={Regulation of the brown and white fat gene programs through a PRDM16/CtBP transcriptional complex.},
  author={S. Kajimura and P. Seale and T. Tomaru and H. Erdjument-Bromage and M. Cooper and J. Ruas and S. Chin and P. Tempst and M. Lazar and B. Spiegelman},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={22 10},
  • S. Kajimura, P. Seale, +7 authors B. Spiegelman
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Genes & development
  • Brown fat is a specialized tissue that can dissipate energy and counteract obesity through a pattern of gene expression that greatly increases mitochondrial content and uncoupled respiration. PRDM16 is a zinc-finger protein that controls brown fat determination by stimulating brown fat-selective gene expression, while suppressing the expression of genes selective for white fat cells. To determine the mechanisms regulating this switching of gene programs, we purified native PRDM16 protein… CONTINUE READING
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    PRDM16 represses the type I interferon response in adipocytes to promote mitochondrial and thermogenic programing
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    PRDM16 controls a brown fat/skeletal muscle switch
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    Adipose subtype-selective recruitment of TLE3 or Prdm16 by PPARγ specifies lipid storage versus thermogenic gene programs.
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    Repression of Adipose Tissue Fibrosis through a PRDM16-GTF2IRD1 Complex Improves Systemic Glucose Homeostasis.
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    PRDM16 binds MED1 and controls chromatin architecture to determine a brown fat transcriptional program.
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    Adipose tissue reduction in mice lacking the translational inhibitor 4E-BP1
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    An autoregulatory loop controls peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ coactivator 1α expression in muscle
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    Rb and p107 regulate preadipocyte differentiation into white versus brown fat through repression of PGC-1alpha.
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    p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Is the Central Regulator of Cyclic AMP-Dependent Transcription of the Brown Fat Uncoupling Protein 1 Gene
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    Retinoblastoma protein functions as a molecular switch determining white versus brown adipocyte differentiation
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    A Cold-Inducible Coactivator of Nuclear Receptors Linked to Adaptive Thermogenesis
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    Suppression of oxidative metabolism and mitochondrial biogenesis by the transcriptional corepressor RIP140 in mouse adipocytes.
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    Coordinated histone modifications mediated by a CtBP co-repressor complex
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