Regulation of the Phosphate Stress Response in Rhizobium meliloti by PhoB.

  title={Regulation of the Phosphate Stress Response in Rhizobium meliloti by PhoB.},
  author={Thamir S. Al-Niemi and Michael L Summers and James G. Elkins and Michael L. Kahn and Timothy R McDermott},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={63 12},
Alkaline phosphatase activity and phosphate transport rates in Rhizobium meliloti increased significantly when medium phosphate levels decreased to approximately 10 (mu)M. Both responses were abolished in a Tn5:: phoB mutant, but the mutant could be complemented by a plasmid that contained cloned R. meliloti phoB. The PhoB(sup-) mutant had a normal symbiosis phenotype under growth conditions that supplied either limiting or nonlimiting levels of phosphate to the host plant Medicago sativa… CONTINUE READING
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