Regulation of the 26S proteasome by adenovirus E1A.

  title={Regulation of the 26S proteasome by adenovirus E1A.},
  author={Andrew S. Turnell and Roger J. A. Grand and Carlos Gorbea and X Zhang and W. Wang and Joe S. Mymryk and Phillip H. Gallimore},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={19 17},
We have identified the N-terminus of adenovirus early region 1A (AdE1A) as a region that can regulate the 26S proteasome. Specifically, in vitro and in vivo co-precipitation studies have revealed that the 19S regulatory components of the proteasome, Sug1 (S8) and S4, bind through amino acids (aa) 4-25 of Ad5 E1A. In vivo expression of wild-type (wt) AdE1A, in contrast to the N-terminal AdE1A mutant that does not bind the proteasome, reduces ATPase activity associated with anti-S4… CONTINUE READING

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