Regulation of synaptotagmin gene expression during ascidian embryogenesis.

  title={Regulation of synaptotagmin gene expression during ascidian embryogenesis.},
  author={You Katsuyama and Jun Matsumoto and Toshiaki Okada and Yukio Ohtsuka and Ling Chen and Haruo Okado and Yasushi Okamura},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={244 2},
The ascidian embryo, a model for the primitive mode of chordate development, rapidly forms a dorsal nervous system which consists of a small number of neurons. Here, we have characterized the transcriptional regulation of an ascidian synaptotagmin (syt) gene to explore the molecular mechanisms underlying development of synaptic transmission. In situ hybridization showed that syt is expressed in all neurons described in previous studies and transiently in the embryonic epidermis. Neuronal… CONTINUE READING

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