Regulation of spine structural plasticity by Arc/Arg3.1.

  title={Regulation of spine structural plasticity by Arc/Arg3.1.},
  author={Thomas M. Newpher and Scott Harris and J. Hogarth Pringle and Colleen Hamilton and Scott H Soderling},
  journal={Seminars in cell & developmental biology},
Dendritic spines are actin-rich, postsynaptic protrusions that contact presynaptic terminals to form excitatory chemical synapses. These synaptic contacts are widely believed to be the sites of memory formation and information storage, and changes in spine shape are thought to underlie several forms of learning-related plasticity. Both membrane trafficking pathways and the actin cytoskeleton drive activity-dependent structural and functional changes in dendritic spines. A key molecular player… CONTINUE READING
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