Regulation of retinal blood flow in health and disease.

  title={Regulation of retinal blood flow in health and disease.},
  author={Constantin Jean Pournaras and Elisabeth Rungger-Br{\"a}ndle and Charles E. Riva and Sveinn H{\'a}kon Hardarson and Einar Stef{\'a}nsson},
  journal={Progress in retinal and eye research},
  volume={27 3},
Optimal retinal neuronal cell function requires an appropriate, tightly regulated environment, provided by cellular barriers, which separate functional compartments, maintain their homeostasis, and control metabolic substrate transport. Correctly regulated hemodynamics and delivery of oxygen and metabolic substrates, as well as intact blood-retinal barriers are necessary requirements for the maintenance of retinal structure and function. Retinal blood flow is autoregulated by the interaction of… CONTINUE READING
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