Regulation of repp86 stability by human Siah2.

  title={Regulation of repp86 stability by human Siah2.},
  author={M. Szczepanowski and Sabine Adam-Klages and M J Kruse and M. M. W. Pollmann and Wolfram Klapper and Reza M. Parwaresch and H. -J. Heidebrecht},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={362 2},
Human repp86 is a nuclear protein that is expressed in a tightly limited period of time during the cell cycle and plays an essential role in its progression. Manipulation of repp86 expression by reduction of endogenous repp86 or overexpression of exogenous repp86 results in cell cycle arrest. We found that repp86 interacts with human Siah2, which is a known… CONTINUE READING