Regulation of prepulse inhibition by ventral pallidal projections.

  title={Regulation of prepulse inhibition by ventral pallidal projections.},
  author={Matthew H Kodsi and Neal R. Swerdlow},
  journal={Brain research bulletin},
  volume={43 2},
The acoustic startle reflex is inhibited by the presentation of a weak auditory prestimulus 30-500 ma prior to the starting stimulus. Previous studies have demonstrated that prepulse inhibition (PPI) of acoustic startle is regulated by GABAergic activity in the ventral pallidum. Ventral pallidal efferents include major projections to the pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus (PPTg), subthalamic nucleus (STN), and mediodorsal thalamus (MD). We used lesion and intracerebral infusion techniques to… CONTINUE READING


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