Regulation of mammary gland factor/Stat5a during mammary gland development.

  title={Regulation of mammary gland factor/Stat5a during mammary gland development.},
  author={Alexander V. Kazansky and Brian Raught and Suzanne Lindsey and Yi Wang and Jeffrey M. Rosen},
  journal={Molecular endocrinology},
  volume={9 11},
The rat homolog of sheep mammary gland factor (MGF)/Stat5 has been isolated and used to study the regulation of Stat5 during mammary gland development and PRL regulation in COS cells transfected with Stat5a and the PRL receptor. Two alternatively spliced isoforms, designated Stat5a1 and Stat5a2, were identified, the latter encoding a carboxy-terminal truncated protein. A polyclonal antibody to a carboxy-terminal peptide of Stat5a1 was generated and used to measure the level of this isoform… CONTINUE READING