Regulation of magnesium efflux from rat spleen lymphocytes.

  title={Regulation of magnesium efflux from rat spleen lymphocytes.},
  author={Federica I Wolf and Arianna Di Francesco and Valeria Covacci and Achille Cittadini},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={344 2},
Rat spleen lymphocytes (RSL) incubated at 37 degrees C in Mg-free medium (O-trans conditions) exibited Mg2+ efflux with apparent velocity of 0.2 nmol/mg protein/min. After 30 min, this process accounted for the mobilization of about 15% of cell total Mg2+. Half of the Mg2+ efflux depended on extracellular Na+ and was stimulated by cAMP. IFN-alpha significantly enhanced Mg2+ efflux under O-trans conditions as well as in the presence of physiological extracellular Mg2+. Pretreatment of RSL with… CONTINUE READING


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