Regulation of intracellular cholesterol distribution by Na/K-ATPase.

  title={Regulation of intracellular cholesterol distribution by Na/K-ATPase.},
  author={Yiliang Chen and Ting Cai and Haojie Wang and Zhichuan Li and Elizabeth L. Loreaux and Jerry B. Lingrel and Zijian Xie},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={284 22},
Recent studies have ascribed many non-pumping functions to the Na/K-ATPase. We show here that graded knockdown of cellular Na/K-ATPase alpha1 subunit produces a parallel decrease in both caveolin-1 and cholesterol in light fractions of LLC-PK1 cell lysates. This observation is further substantiated by imaging analyses, showing redistribution of cholesterol… CONTINUE READING