Regulation of inflammation by interleukin-4: a review of "alternatives".

  title={Regulation of inflammation by interleukin-4: a review of "alternatives".},
  author={Irina G. Luzina and Achsah D. Keegan and Nicola M Heller and Graham A. W. Rook and T Shea-Donohue and Sergei P. Atamas},
  journal={Journal of leukocyte biology},
  volume={92 4},
Studies of IL-4 have revealed a wealth of information on the diverse roles of this cytokine in homeostatic regulation and disease pathogenesis. Recent data suggest that instead of simple linear regulatory pathways, IL-4 drives regulation that is full of alternatives. In addition to the well-known dichotomous regulation of Th cell differentiation by IL-4… CONTINUE READING