Regulation of imprinted gene expression in Arabidopsis endosperm.

  title={Regulation of imprinted gene expression in Arabidopsis endosperm.},
  author={Tzung-Fu Hsieh and JuHyun Shin and Rie Uzawa and Pedro Silva and St{\'e}phanie Cohen and Matthew J. Bauer and Meryl Hashimoto and Ryan Kirkbride and John J. Harada and Daniel Zilberman and Robert L. Fischer},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={108 5},
Imprinted genes are expressed primarily or exclusively from either the maternal or paternal allele, a phenomenon that occurs in flowering plants and mammals. Flowering plant imprinted gene expression has been described primarily in endosperm, a terminal nutritive tissue consumed by the embryo during seed development or after germination. Imprinted expression in Arabidopsis thaliana endosperm is orchestrated by differences in cytosine DNA methylation between the paternal and maternal genomes as… CONTINUE READING
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