Regulation of imprinted expression by macro non-coding RNAs.

  title={Regulation of imprinted expression by macro non-coding RNAs.},
  author={Paulina A. Latos and Denise P. Barlow},
  journal={RNA biology},
  volume={6 2},
In mammals, imprinted genes are clustered and at least one gene in each imprinted cluster is a long i.e., macro non-coding (nc) RNA. Most genes in a cluster show concordant parental-specific expression but the ncRNA is the odd one out, and is expressed from the opposite parental chromosome. While reciprocal expression between imprinted macro non-coding RNAs and flanking mRNA genes is indicative of a functional role, only two of three tested macro ncRNAs have been shown to induce imprinted gene… CONTINUE READING