Regulation of hepatic lipogenesis by the transcription factor XBP1.

  title={Regulation of hepatic lipogenesis by the transcription factor XBP1.},
  author={Ann-Hwee Lee and Erez F. Scapa and David M. Cohen and L. H. Glimcher},
  volume={320 5882},
Dietary carbohydrates regulate hepatic lipogenesis by controlling the expression of critical enzymes in glycolytic and lipogenic pathways. We found that the transcription factor XBP1, a key regulator of the unfolded protein response, is required for the unrelated function of normal fatty acid synthesis in the liver. XBP1 protein expression in mice was elevated after feeding carbohydrates and corresponded with the induction of critical genes involved in fatty acid synthesis. Inducible, selective… CONTINUE READING
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