Regulation of heparinase synthesis in Flavobacterium heparinum

  title={Regulation of heparinase synthesis in Flavobacterium heparinum},
  author={P. M. Galliher and Robert J. Linhardt and Lori Jean Conway and Robert Langer and Charles L. Cooney},
  journal={European journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology},
The effect of various carbon, nitrogen and sulfur sources on the production of heparinase by Flavobacterium heparinum in defined medium in the presence and absence of heparin as the inducer has been studied. Carbon catabolite repression has been observed in defined medium containing one of several carbon sources including simple sugars, alcohols and organic acids. Fed batch fermentations result in 10 g/l of cells and heparinase titers as high as 100,000 U/l by avoiding carbon catabolite… CONTINUE READING


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