Regulation of helper T cell responses to staphylococcal superantigens.

  title={Regulation of helper T cell responses to staphylococcal superantigens.},
  author={Scott B. Cameron and Martijn C. Nawijn and Winnie W. S. Kum and Huub F J Savelkoul and Anthony W. Chow},
  journal={European cytokine network},
  volume={12 2},
Staphylococcal superantigens (sAgs) including toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 (TSST-1) and related enterotoxins are exoproteins with unique immunobiological properties. They bind to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II molecules of antigen-presenting cells outside the peptide groove, and induce massive proliferation of T cells bearing specific V… CONTINUE READING