Regulation of growth and proliferation in B cell subpopulations.

  title={Regulation of growth and proliferation in B cell subpopulations.},
  author={Anthony L DeFranco and Joseph Tze-Shew Kung and W. Jack Christie Edwin J. Crossman Peter J. Doherty A Paul},
  journal={Immunological reviews},
The activation of B lymphocyte subpopulations by anti-immunoglobulin and by LPS has been examined. All resting B cells were stimulated to grow larger (i.e. to go from G0 phase to mid G1 phase of the cell cycle) by the continuous presence of anti-mu antibodies. A subpopulation oif these B cells, 30-50% in normal mouse strains, entered S phase in response to large doses of anti-mu. This subpopulation, probably Lyb5+, was completely absent in mice with the xid-determined immune defect. Another… CONTINUE READING

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