Regulation of glutamine synthetase II activity in Rhizobium meliloti 104A14.

  title={Regulation of glutamine synthetase II activity in Rhizobium meliloti 104A14.},
  author={Robert G. Shatters and J. E. Somerville and Michael L. Kahn},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={171 9},
Most rhizobia contain two glutamine synthetase (GS) enzymes: GSI, encoded by glnA, and GSII, encoded by glnII. We have found that WSU414, a Rhizobium meliloti 104A14 glutamine auxotroph derived from a glnA parental strain, is an ntrA mutant. The R. meliloti glnII promoter region contains DNA sequences similar to those found in front of other genes that require ntrA for their transcription. No GSII was found in the glnA ntrA mutant, and when a translational fusion of glnII to the Escherichia… CONTINUE READING
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