Regulation of glomerular volume in normal and partially nephrectomized rats.

  title={Regulation of glomerular volume in normal and partially nephrectomized rats.},
  author={Pedro Gil Cort{\'e}s and Xinyu Zhao and Bruce L. Riser and Robert G. Narins},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={270 2 Pt 2},
Glomerular extracellular matrix accumulation may derive from the stretching of mesangial cells caused by excessive glomerular dilatation. The relationship of glomerular volume (VG) to intraglomerular pressure, expressed as compliance or as mean VG in the isolated, perfused rat glomerulus, was used to analyze factors that regulate VG. Glomeruli were highly distensible over the normal and relevant abnormal range of pressure. Compliance increased directly with basal VG (P < 0.001), i.e., larger… CONTINUE READING
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