Regulation of eIF-4E BP1 phosphorylation by mTOR.

  title={Regulation of eIF-4E BP1 phosphorylation by mTOR.},
  author={Kenta Hara and Kazuyoshi Yonezawa and Mark T. Kozlowski and Toshikado Sugimoto and Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi and Q P Weng and Masato Kasuga and Ikuo Nishimoto and Joseph Avruch},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={272 42},
The proteins eIF-4E BP1 and p70 S6 kinase each undergo an insulin/mitogen-stimulated phosphorylation in situ that is partially inhibited by rapamycin. Previous work has established that the protein known as mTOR/RAFT-1/FRAP is the target through which the rapamycin.FKBP12 complex acts to dephosphorylate/deactivate the p70 S6 kinase; thus, some mTOR mutants that have lost the ability to bind to the rapamycin.FKBP12 complex in vitro can protect the p70 S6 kinase against rapamycin-induced… CONTINUE READING


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