Regulation of cyclin E transcription by E2Fs and retinoblastoma protein.

  title={Regulation of cyclin E transcription by E2Fs and retinoblastoma protein.},
  author={Yanbiao Geng and Elinor Ng Eaton and Marina Pic{\'o}n and James M Roberts and Ante S. Lundberg and Annie Gifford and Claude Sardet and Robert A Weinberg},
  volume={12 6},
Cyclin E is critical for the advance of cells through the G1 phase of their growth cycle. Transcription of the cyclin E gene is known to be cell cycle-dependent. We have shown previously that mRNA levels of cyclin E are regulated positively by mitogens and negatively by TGF-beta. Much circumstantial evidence implicates both E2F transcription factors and the retinoblastoma protein (pRB) in the control of cyclin E expression. However, the molecular basis of this control has remained unclear. We… CONTINUE READING

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