Regulation of connexin31 gene expression upon retinoic acid treatment in rat choriocarcinoma cells.

  title={Regulation of connexin31 gene expression upon retinoic acid treatment in rat choriocarcinoma cells.},
  author={Ruth Gr{\"u}mmer and Peter Hellmann and Otto Traub and Michael J. Soares and Marwan Eid El-Sabban and Elke Winterhager},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={227 1},
The controlled invasiveness of the trophoblast is based on the balance between invasive properties at implantation and the differentiation program of the developing placenta. During placental development in rats a switch of connexin gene expression has been observed in parallel to the switch from the invasive to the differentiated phenotype of trophoblast cells. To investigate the role of connexin expression for trophoblast invasion, proliferation, and differentiation, we studied one rat… CONTINUE READING


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