Regulation of chitinase 33 (chit33) gene expression in Trichoderma harzianum

  title={Regulation of chitinase 33 (chit33) gene expression in Trichoderma harzianum},
  author={M. de las Mercedes Dana and Mar{\'i}a Carmen Lim{\'o}n and Rebeca Mej{\'i}as and Robert L. Mach and Tah{\'i}a Ben{\'i}tez and J. A. Pintor-Toro and Christian Peter Kubicek},
  journal={Current Genetics},
We investigated the regulation of chit33 expression in Trichoderma harzianum CECT 2413. This gene encodes the Chit33 endochitinase, which is a major component of the fungus' chitinolytic enzyme system and is important for biocontrol. To this end, both Northern analysis and reporter gene fusions of a 1.4-kb fragment of the 5′-upstream sequences of chit33 to the Aspergillus nigergoxA gene (encoding glucose oxidase) and the Aquorea victoria green fluorescent protein were used. Northern analysis… CONTINUE READING


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