Regulation of cancer cell migration and bone metastasis by RANKL

  title={Regulation of cancer cell migration and bone metastasis by RANKL},
  author={David. Jones and Tomoki Nakashima and Otto H. Sanchez and Ivona Kozieradzki and Svetlana V. Komarova and Ildiko Sarosi and Sean E Morony and Evelyn Figueiredo Rubin and Renu Sarao and Carlo V. Hojilla and Vukoslav Komnenovic and Young-Yun Kong and Martin Schreiber and S. Jeffrey Dixon and Stephen Michael Sims and Rama Khokha and Teiji Wada and Josef M. Penninger},
Bone metastases are a frequent complication of many cancers that result in severe disease burden and pain. Since the late nineteenth century, it has been thought that the microenvironment of the local host tissue actively participates in the propensity of certain cancers to metastasize to specific organs, and that bone provides an especially fertile ‘soil’. In the case of breast cancers, the local chemokine milieu is now emerging as an explanation for why these tumours preferentially… CONTINUE READING
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