Regulation of bacteriophage Mu transposition

  title={Regulation of bacteriophage Mu transposition},
  author={Ariane Toussaint and M J Gama and Jamal E Laachouch and Genevi{\`e}ve Maenhaut-Michel and Amina Mhammedi-Alaoui},
Bacteriophage Mu is a transposon and a temperate phage which has become a paradigm for the study of the molecular mechanism of transposition. As a prophage, Mu has also been used to study some aspects of the influence of the host cell growth phase on the regulation of transposition. Through the years several host proteins have been identified which play a key role in the replication of the Mu genome by successive rounds of replicative transposition as well as in the maintenance of the repressed… CONTINUE READING

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