Regulation of apoptosis by the ubiquitin and proteasome pathway.

  title={Regulation of apoptosis by the ubiquitin and proteasome pathway.},
  author={Cezary W{\'o}jcik},
  journal={Journal of cellular and molecular medicine},
  volume={6 1},
  • Cezary Wójcik
  • Published 2002 in Journal of cellular and molecular medicine
Regulated proteolysis plays important roles in cell physiology as well as in pathological conditions. In most of the cases, regulated proteolysis is carried out by the ubiquitin- and proteasome-dependent proteolytic system, which is also in charge of the bulk of cytoplasmic proteolysis. However, apoptosis or the process of programmed cell death is regulated by a different proteolytic system, i.e. by caspases, a family of specialized cysteine proteases. Nevertheless, there is plenty of evidence… CONTINUE READING


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