[Regulation of antitubercular immunity in mice by genes of the H-2 complex].


Development of DTH reaction and survival time after M. tuberculosis H37Rv infection have been studied in H-2 congenic and recombinant mice pretreated with high doses of BCG vaccine. In addition, in vitro proliferation of lymphocytes from infected CBA, B6 and 4R mice to PPD was studied in the presence of anti-I-A and anti-I-E mAbs. High doses of BCG vaccination (1 mg/mouse) have led to a significant inhibition of DTH and diminution of survival time in B10.M (H-2f) mice only, and to opposite effects in all other strains tested (H-2a, b, d, k, h4). In I-A+, I-E- 4R mice anti-I-Ak mAbs abrogated lymphocyte proliferation to PPD completely, while in I-A+, I-E- CBA mice only the mixture of anti-I-Ak and anti-I-Ek mAbs was effective.

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