Regulation of and by Platforms

  title={Regulation of and by Platforms},
  author={Tarleton Gillespie},

The platformization of China’s film distribution in a pandemic era

  • Wendy Su
  • Art
    Chinese Journal of Communication
  • 2022
The findings indicate that digital corporations' strategies have accelerated the platformization of the distribution infrastructure of the film industry, however, current industrial practices nourish the prospect of coexistence in the foreseeable future.

The Rise of Online Counterpublics? : The Limits of Inclusion in a Digital Age

This thesis explores how online platforms mediate the reproduction of privilege, by employing the concept of counterpublics. The term, which has been central to the feminist critique of mainstream ...

Internet regulation as media policy: Rethinking the question of digital communication platform governance

This article identifies the current global ‘techlash’ towards the major digital and social media platforms as providing the context for a renewed debate about whether these digital platform companies

API Governance: The Case of Facebook’s Evolution

Researchers, policymakers, and competition and regulation authorities worldwide recognize the utility of application programming interfaces (APIs) in powering the digital economy and driving

Fact-Checking the Crisis: COVID-19, Infodemics, and the Platformization of Truth

This study explores how three major social media platforms responded to this “infodemic” during early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic via emergent fact-checking policies and practices, and considers what this means for ensuring a well-informed public.

Making up Audience: Media Bots and the Falsification of the Public Sphere

The hypothesis that the existence of media bots is affecting the Twittersphere in Brazil is assessed, where automated accounts, empowered by AI, might be responsible for a substantial share of the links to popular Brazilian media outlets on Twitter.

What is platform governance?

  • Robert Gorwa
  • Political Science
    Information, Communication & Society
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Following a host of high-profile scandals, the political influence of platform companies (the global corporations that that operate online ‘platforms’ such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube,

Interpenetration and intermediation of crowd-patronage platforms

  • J. Swords
  • Business
    Information, Communication & Society
  • 2018
ABSTRACT Web platforms are becoming part of everyday life for internet users. They come in many forms, offering a range of products and services for both producers and consumers as they (re)produce

The Politics of Video on Demand Platforms in Iran: In Between Formal and Informal Distribution

A study of the global flow of US-based svod s, and their absence or presence within domestic media ecosystems, allows us to move beyond universalist approaches in platform studies. Starting with an

The Extended Reach of Game Engine Companies: How Companies Like Epic Games and Unity Technologies Provide Platforms for Extended Reality Applications and the Metaverse

The article shows how companies providing game engines challenge the current balance of power between established platform companies, demonstrating that game engines have emerged as an important new type of platform that demands academic and public attention.



The Virtues of Moderation

TL;DR — On a Friday in 2005, the Los Angeles Times launched an experiment: a “wikitorial” on the Iraq War that any of the paper’s readers could edit. By Sunday, the experiment had ended in abject

Governing Internet Expression: How Public and Private Regulation Shape Expression Governance

ABSTRACT Governing public expression has historically constituted a key element of public policy, and in the 20th and the 21st century has remained an important tool for both state and nonstate

Platforms Intervene

Social media platforms don’t just guide, distort, and facilitate social activity, they also delete some of it and algorithmically promote some over others.

Up from Invisibility: Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Media in America

Preface: Up from InvisibilitySources1. The Mediated SocietyMass Media and American SocietyTelevision as the MainstreamSexual Minorities and the MediaSubversion and Resistance2: Coming Out and Coming

Hyper-transparency and social control

Twitter hashtags from ad hoc to calculated publics

As the use of Twitter has become more commonplace throughout many nations, its role in political discussion has also increased. This has been evident in contexts ranging from general political

Reconciling Economic and Non‐Economic Perspectives on Media Policy: Transcending the “Marketplace of Ideas”

A long-standing division in positions on media policy reflects differences in faith regarding the efficacy of market versus government processes for achieving important communications policy

US communication policy after convergence

The laws and policies that govern communication in the US have evolved over time to treat different media with distinct doctrines. The press, the post, broadcasting and the telephone each abide by