Regulation of adipose tissue pyruvate dehydrogenase by insulin and other hormones.

  title={Regulation of adipose tissue pyruvate dehydrogenase by insulin and other hormones.},
  author={Haldane G. Coore and Richard M. Denton and Billy R. Martin and Philip J. Randle},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={125 1},
1. In epididymal adipose tissue synthesizing fatty acids from fructose in vitro, addition of insulin led to a moderate increase in fructose uptake, to a considerable increase in the flow of fructose carbon atoms to fatty acid, to a decrease in the steady-state concentration of lactate and pyruvate in the medium, and to net uptake of lactate and pyruvate from the medium. It is concluded that insulin accelerates a step in the span pyruvate-->fatty acid. 2. Mitochondria prepared from fat-cells… CONTINUE READING
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