Regulation of acetylcholine receptor clustering by the tumor suppressor APC

  title={Regulation of acetylcholine receptor clustering by the tumor suppressor APC},
  author={Junmei Wang and Zheng Jing and Lili Zhang and Guangdou Zhou and Joe M. Braun and Yun Yao and Z W Wang},
  journal={Nature Neuroscience},
At the developing neuromuscular junction, motor neuron–derived agrin triggers the differentiation of postsynaptic membrane into a highly specialized structure, where the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChRs) are aggregated into high-density clusters. Agrin acts by activating the muscle-specific kinase MuSK and inducing coaggregation of the 43-kDa protein rapsyn with AChRs on muscle cell membrane. The signaling mechanism downstream of MuSK is poorly defined. We report here that the mouse… CONTINUE READING


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Neural agrin promotes APC interaction with AChR and recruits the protein into AChR clusters on myotube surface

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