Regulation of Tumor Growth and Metastasis: The Role of Tumor Microenvironment

  title={Regulation of Tumor Growth and Metastasis: The Role of Tumor Microenvironment},
  author={Hadi Alphonse Goubran and Rami R Kotb and Julie Stakiw and Mohamed E. Emara and Thierry Burnouf},
  booktitle={Cancer growth and metastasis},
The presence of abnormal cells with malignant potential or neoplastic characteristics is a relatively common phenomenon. The interaction of these abnormal cells with their microenvironment is essential for tumor development, protection from the body's immune or defence mechanisms, later progression and the development of life-threatening or metastatic disease. The tumor microenvironment is a collective term that includes the tumor's surrounding and supportive stroma, the different effectors of… CONTINUE READING


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