Regulation of Tilapia metallothionein gene expression by heavy metal ions.

  title={Regulation of Tilapia metallothionein gene expression by heavy metal ions.},
  author={Andrew Pok-Lap Cheung and Timothy H-J Lam and King Ming Chan},
  journal={Marine environmental research},
  volume={58 2-5},
Tilapia is a common fish species inhabiting inland waters and estuarine regions in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, and useful for bio-monitoring of metal pollution. Metallothionein (MT) gene expression in fish tissues has been useful to sub-lethal risk assessment as biomarker of exposure to metal ions in fishes inhabiting metal contaminated area. To investigate metal inductions of Tilapia MT gene expression in vivo, Tilapias were injected with different concentrations of heavy metals and tissues… CONTINUE READING

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