Regulation of Sp1 by cell cycle related proteins.

  title={Regulation of Sp1 by cell cycle related proteins.},
  author={Alicia Tapias and Carlos Ciudad and Igor B. Roninson and V{\'e}ronique No{\'e}},
  journal={Cell cycle},
  volume={7 18},
Sp1 transcription factor regulates the expression of multiple genes, including the Sp1 gene itself. We analyzed the ability of different cell cycle regulatory proteins to interact with Sp1 and to affect Sp1 promoter activity. Using an antibody array, we observed that CDK4, SKP2, Rad51, BRCA2 and p21 could interact with Sp1 and we confirmed these interactions by co-immunoprecipitation. CDK4, SKP2, Rad51, BRCA2 and p21 also activated the Sp1 promoter. Among the known Sp1-interacting proteins, E2F… CONTINUE READING
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