Regulation of Six1 expression by evolutionarily conserved enhancers in tetrapods.

  title={Regulation of Six1 expression by evolutionarily conserved enhancers in tetrapods.},
  author={Shigeru Sato and Keiko Ikeda and Go Shioi and Kazuki Nakao and Hiroshi Yajima and Kiyoshi Kawakami},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={368 1},
The Six1 homeobox gene plays critical roles in vertebrate organogenesis. Mice deficient for Six1 show severe defects in organs such as skeletal muscle, kidney, thymus, sensory organs and ganglia derived from cranial placodes, and mutations in human SIX1 cause branchio-oto-renal syndrome, an autosomal dominant developmental disorder characterized by hearing loss and branchial defects. The present study was designed to identify enhancers responsible for the dynamic expression pattern of Six1… CONTINUE READING
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