Regulation of LH/hCG receptor by gonadotropins in rat ovary.

  title={Regulation of LH/hCG receptor by gonadotropins in rat ovary.},
  author={Kayoko Nakamura and Takashi Minegishi and Yoshinobu Takakura and Kaoru Miyamoto and Yoshihisa Hasegawa and Yoshito Ibuki and Miki Igarashi},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={172 2},
To investigate the regulation of the LH/hCG receptor gene by gonadotropins, we examined the effect of PMSG and hCG on the expression of LH/hCG receptor in immature rat ovary. Northern blot analysis of ovarian RNA revealed a major mRNA of 5400 nucleotides and minor species of 7500, 3600, 2300, and 1200 nucleotides, and PMSG treatment slightly increased the intensity of all LH/hCG receptor messengers. Subsequently, hCG treatment decreased the number of LH/hCG receptor by day 2 and mRNA levels by… CONTINUE READING