Regulation of Ethylene Evolution and Leaf Abscission by Auxin.

  title={Regulation of Ethylene Evolution and Leaf Abscission by Auxin.},
  author={Fred B. Abeles and Bernard Rubinstein},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={39 6},
Many physiological processes have shown art,.lowith a neck to accommodate a 25 mm diameter Sgous responses to both auxin and ethylene. These rubber vaccine cap. The gas collection bottles were processes include root initiation, intumescence formathen sealed and incubated at 21'; etiolated tissue was tion, epinasty (9), fruit ripening (3, 12), floral placed in the dark and green tissue in 150 ft-c coninitiation in the pineapple (8, 19), breaking of bud tinuous light. dormancy (2,4), stimulation… CONTINUE READING


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