Regulation of Cementoblast Gene Expression by Inorganic Phosphate In Vitro

  title={Regulation of Cementoblast Gene Expression by Inorganic Phosphate In Vitro},
  author={Brian Lee Foster and Francisco Humberto J{\'u}nior Nociti and Erica C Swanson and D. Matsa-Dunn and Janice E. Berry and Carolyn J. Cupp and Pei Zhang and Martha Joan Somerman},
  journal={Calcified Tissue International},
Examination of mutant and knockout phenotypes with altered phosphate/pyrophosphate distribution has demonstrated that cementum, the mineralized tissue that sheathes the tooth root, is very sensitive to local levels of phosphate and pyrophosphate. The aim of this study was to examine the potential regulation of cementoblast cell behavior by inorganic phosphate (Pi). Immortalized murine cementoblasts were treated with Pi in vitro, and effects on gene expression (by quantitative real-time reverse… CONTINUE READING
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