Regulation of ATR-dependent pathways by the FHA domain containing protein SNIP1

  title={Regulation of ATR-dependent pathways by the FHA domain containing protein SNIP1},
  author={Kevin C Roche and Sonia Rocha and Cameron P. Bracken and Neil D. Perkins},
The forkhead associated (FHA) domain-containing protein Smad nuclear interacting protein 1 (SNIP1) has multiple cellular functions, including the ability to interact with DNA-binding transcription factors and transcriptional coactivators. Moreover, we have demonstrated previously that SNIP1 regulates cyclin D1 expression and promoter activity. Here, we identify a new function for SNIP1 as a regulator of ATR checkpoint kinase-dependent pathways in human U-2 OS osteosarcoma cells: SNIP1 is… CONTINUE READING
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Inhibition of human Chk1 causes increased initiation of DNA replication, phosphorylation of ATR targets, and DNA breakage

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