Regulation of (+):(-)-strand asymmetry in replication of brome mosaic virus RNA.

  title={Regulation of (+):(-)-strand asymmetry in replication of brome mosaic virus RNA.},
  author={Louissa Marsh and Clayton C Huntley and Gregory P. Pogue and James P. Connell and Timothy C. Hall},
  volume={182 1},
Transfection of barley protoplasts with brome mosaic virus (BMV) RNAs 1 + 2 in the absence of RNA-3 yielded a molar ratio for (+):(-)-strand progeny at 24 hr postinoculation near unity, whereas over 100-fold more (+)- than (-)-strand progeny accumulated in its presence. The presence of RNA-3 enhanced total (+)-strand RNA production 205-fold and that of RNAs 1 + 2 by 29-fold. In contrast, total (-)-strand RNA accumulation decreased by 68% and that for (-)RNAs 1 + 2 by 79% in the presence of RNA… CONTINUE READING


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