Regulation and role of phospholipases in host-bacteria interaction.

  title={Regulation and role of phospholipases in host-bacteria interaction.},
  author={Peter Elsbach and Jerrold P. Weiss and Gabriela M Wright and Steven A Forst and C J van den Bergh and Hubertus M. Verheij},
  journal={Progress in clinical and biological research},
Deacylating phospholipases play essential roles in numerous biological events, requiring tight control of hydrolytic activity. Most cells, unless stimulated or perturbed, exhibit little phospholipid turnover. Activation of phospholipases A (PLA) is usually triggered by membrane perturbing conditions or agents. Some activators indiscriminately activate any PLA, others are highly specific. Our studies concern an activator that is a potent bactericidal protein with membrane-perturbing properties… CONTINUE READING