Regulation and biological function of helminth-induced cytokine responses.

  title={Regulation and biological function of helminth-induced cytokine responses.},
  author={Fred D. Finkelman and Edward J. Pearce and Joseph J. Urban and Alan Sher},
  journal={Immunology today},
  volume={12 3},
The immunological hallmarks of infection with parasitic helminths, namely eosinophilia, mastocytosis and increased IgE synthesis, all appear to be induced by cytokines from the TH2 subset of CD4+ T cells: IgE production is stimulated by interleukin 4 (IL-4), eosinophilia by IL-5 and mastocytosis by IL-3 and IL-4. Here, Fred Finkelman and colleagues argue that the functional significance of the eosinophilia-mastocytosis-IgE axis in helminth infection is unclear and suggest that in some worm… CONTINUE READING