Regulation, linkage, and sequence of mouse metallothionein I and II genes.

  title={Regulation, linkage, and sequence of mouse metallothionein I and II genes.},
  author={Peter F. Searle and Barry L. Davison and Gary W. Stuart and Thomas M. Wilkie and Gunnar Norstedt and Richard D Palmiter},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={4 7},
The mouse metallothionein II (MT-II) gene is located approximately 6 kilobases upstream of the MT-I gene. A comparison of the sequences of mouse MT-I and MT-II genes (as well as those of other mammals) reveals that the coding regions are highly conserved even at "silent" positions but that the noncoding regions and introns are extremely divergent between primates and rodents. There are four blocks of conserved sequences in the promoters of mouse MT-I, mouse MT-II, and human MT-IIA genes; one… CONTINUE READING

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