Regulating private tutoring for public good: Policy options for supplementary education in Asia

  title={Regulating private tutoring for public good: Policy options for supplementary education in Asia},
  author={Fred Gennings Wanyavinkhumbo Msiska},
  journal={International Review of Education},
  • F. Msiska
  • Published 21 January 2016
  • Education
  • International Review of Education
In this monograph, Bray and Kwo provide a list of supplementary tutoring in 32 countries in Asia which indicates the scale and spread of this type of education in this region. Private tuition has been in existence in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan for some time, whereas in parts of Central and Northern Asia, it is now gaining momentum after being muted during the Soviet ear prior to 1991. The monograph by Bray and Kwo also focus on regulating private tutoring for public good. The authors offer… 

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