Regulated nuclear translocation of the Mig1 glucose repressor.

  title={Regulated nuclear translocation of the Mig1 glucose repressor.},
  author={M J De Vit and James A. Waddle and Mark Johnston},
  journal={Molecular biology of the cell},
  volume={8 8},
Glucose represses the transcription of many genes in bakers yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Mig1 is a Cys2-His2 zinc finger protein that mediates glucose repression of several genes by binding to their promoters and recruiting the general repression complex Ssn6-Tup1. We have found that the subcellular localization of Mig1 is regulated by glucose. Mig1 is imported into the nucleus within minutes after the addition of glucose and is just as rapidly transported back to the cytoplasm when… CONTINUE READING
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