• Biology
  • Published 1985

Regulated expression ofrasgeneconstructs in Dictyostelium transformants

  title={Regulated expression ofrasgeneconstructs in Dictyostelium transformants},
  author={Christophe D. Reymond and Richarda . Firtel},
Constructs weremadeinwhichP-500 base pairs ofthe5'flanking region oftherasgeneofDictyostelium discoideum andvariable amounts ofthecoding region were linked toa rascDNAina transformation vector. These constructs then wereusedtotransform Diclyostelium cells and their regulation wasexamined. InDictyostelium transformants, transcripts fromtherasgeneconstructs werefoundathigh levels incells infast-shaking cultures containing cAMP,where- astranscripts wereeither notdetectable orpresent atverylow… CONTINUE READING